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Addis Ababa: Business Hub

Addis Ababa, the largest city of Ethiopia, which also serves as the capital of the country, has a lot to offer for business travelers and tourists on short and extended stays alike. Addis Ababa loosely translates to "new flower", which is interestingly symbolic of its steady rise to become one of Africa's most well-known hubs for business travel. Being home to the African Union and other important administrative centers, the city sees a steady inflow of tourists throughout the year. The country is also witness to an every-growing graph with regard to air traffic, with Addis Ababa fast becoming the favourite transit destination for travellers making their way to Africa, overtaking Dubai, prompting the nickname "The Dubai of Africa".

Addis Ababa Business Hub, Getfam Hotel, Business Travel in Addis Ababa

African Union Headquarters

Consisting of 55 member states and an aim to achieve solidarity between every African country, this continental union is an important body that makes for a huge chunk of the administrative set-up of Ethiopia. Headquartered in Addis Ababa, the Union regularly plays host to meetings and conferences of importance.

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UNECA Headquarters

UNECA, or the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa is a body that was set up with the sole purpose of encouraging economic co-operation between member nations of the African Continent. Opened in 1961, the Africa Hall in Addis Ababa functions as the headquarters of the commission. Majestically spread over 75,000 sq. m., the area consists of multiple conference halls, offices, and general facilities.

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Business-friendly Hotels

With the city being a bustling hub for business, conferences, and the like, there is certainly no dearth of luxury hotels offering a comfortable stay. When you're here, look no further than Getfam Hotel, which is located merely 5 km away from the airport in the heart of the capital, and houses 115 international-standard, modern guest rooms along with first-rate leisure facilities. Treat yourself to an opulent stay while remaining within close proximity of every major business hub!

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Transit Destination

With Ethiopia jumping ahead of Dubai to become the top contributor of air traffic to Africa, the growth of Addis Ababa as a major force in the tourism sector cannot be undermined. The constantly growing number of travellers stopping over at the city is testament to the tourist-friendly vibe it exudes!

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