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Shopping in Addis Ababa

While it is known for being an important administrative center, Addis Ababa certainly packs in more than what initially meets the eye. The shopaholics amongst our guests making their way to Addis Ababa are sure to be pleasantly surprised. There are a bunch of wide-ranging options to choose from - right from locally made crafts to the more standard, luxury brands. You can even go with a local guide if you want to ensure that you don't miss out on anything. Read on to find out more about the places you can shop at during your visit!

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Salem's Ethiopia

Salem's Ethiopia is a gem of a store - aiming to provide a unique shopping experience, with a blend of traditional culture and contemporary, creative designs. Every product sold here holds with it an Ethiopian story - be it of religious significance, or tribal importance. Run by Salem Kassahun, you can hope to find basketry and jewellery products, along with hand-woven scarves.

Addis Mercato

Addis Mercato

Although rather chaotic looking at first glance, it might surprise you to notice how organised and easy to navigate the market actually is. The area inside the market is divided into sub-sections, each selling a particular kind of "ware". Products worth looking for here range from spices, silver jewellery, leather goods, and much more!

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Sabegn Concept Store

What started out as a simple idea to develop leather wallets, has grown today into almost what can be called a flagship store for world-class, handcrafted boutique products in Addis Ababa. Social entrepreneurs and sisters - Elsabet and Eyerusalem run the Sabegn Concept Store, which aims at creating a sustainable impact, while providing employment for local artisans and ensuring that they are sufficiently compensated!


St. George Gallery

If you're an art aficionado looking to explore some local art work, you simply cannot do better than the St. George Gallery in Addis Ababa. This gallery pioneered the art gallery scene in the city, and enjoys a following the world over today! Be it contemporary African art, textiles, pottery, or jewellery, this place has it all. Visit the gallery and find yourself pleasantly surprised at the sheer diversity of local talent on display!

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